Euskalgrooves is a music producer located in Bilbao,Basque Country.Is the founder of Funky Life Beats & Funky Life Records independent record labels & artist´s collectives.He has always shown passion and respect for Hip Hop culture.


A bit of history : While some high school classmates listened to hip hop at the age of 14-15 years, Euskalgrooves did not initially like the genre very much. He had already sucked music of practically all styles, thanks to two of his uncles, Iñigo and Javier.While one was a DJ and had a collection of gigantic records, the other beat passionately with Funk, Soul, Breaks and all jewels in vinyl format ... The music began to become something special for him, and he began fiddling with sequencers inside a pentium 150. He also began to feel his uncle's passion for vinyl records, turntable and lo-fi amps..During these more than 20 years of experimentation, Euskalgrooves has produced music for different types of formats, among them, short film, spot, documentary ...

Euskalgrooves was nominated for best artist in his city, he has also been supported by many DJs such as Dj Lean Rock (Red Bull), and he also shares a playlist with hip hop greats all over the internet, with producers he admires such as: Dj Premier, The Alchemist, Dilated Peoples, Marco Polo Beats, Dr Dre, Statik Selektah, and many others.His new project FOX GROOVES, together with the French guitarist Nico, is a step forward, it is to climb a step to the next musical level.Stay tuned!