14 February, 2015 Euskalgrooves

Euskalgrooves – Working With Rebel Legit

Euskalgrooves & Rebel Legit are currently finishing 2 tracks that are already recorded . Now they´re at the mixing & mastering stages, ” Life´s Good ” & ” Wildcard ” will be finished soon.

The Mc from Atlanta , and the Basque music producer Euskalgrooves, will release this 2 new tunes after summer, in this year 2015. This 2 works , will be released by the Basque Hip Hop Label, Funky Life Beats.

Euskalgrooves - Music Producer - Hip Hop Beats & Grooves - Bilbao - Basque Country

Rebel Legit ( Georgia, Atlanta )

Artist Rebel Legit started experimenting with rap at the age of 8, by the age of 12 he had recorded his first song on tape cassette. Heavily influenced by artists such as Bone thugs N Harmony, 2Pac and Ice Cube he gradually continued improving his writing and performing skills.

While acquiring technical songwriting and engineer talents he graduated from the Art institute of Atlanta for Audio Production. Soon his hardships of breaking into the music industry and thoughts of being in the spotlight became a bit over bearing, so he began to pursue a ghostwriting career.

After a couple of years writing lyrics for R&B and Rap on the local scene, he continuously had to rewrite songs for rapping words too fast. This refueled his interest to pursue his career.

If you were to write down what he is saying on paper, you’d know you were listening to a mastermind. Rebel Legit writes real Hip Hop from the heart, not the calculated mainstream stuff, all show, and no substance.

More info : www.funkylifebeats.com

Euskalgrooves its currently working in other projects too, in some days, a new tune will be released.To know more about this , clic here. Stay Tuned.. !

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Euskalgrooves Beat Maker & Producer for media. Euskalgrooves has been learning music since 1999. Making and regrooving funk & soul tracks since 2011 for Funky Life Records,now he´s more focused on Hip Hop production like his introduction in to hip hop in the 90´s decade..He is already working on Funky Life Beats too. Beats & Grooves - Bilbao ( Basque Country ).