7 August, 2015 Euskalgrooves


Hip Hop Bilbao – Basque Country

Euskalgrooves is a music producer from Bilbao , Basque Country. He has been working for artist´s & Media since 1999.

He worked producing sountracks , for spots and short films , and actually its producing for some new hot artist´s and new promises around the world.

Euskalgrooves learnt the complexity of the sound world, day by day, practicing in mix & mastering fields.

Influences : Hip Hop , Funky Music, Soul , Jazz , 70s , Beats & Grooves , Easy Listening , all related with Black music.

Euskalgrooves is the head of the labels , Funky Life Beats & Funky Life Records.

The first one , specialized in Hip Hop Culturewww.funkylifebeats.com

The second one specialized in “ Black Music “ : www.funkyliferecords.com

Actually Mr.grooves ( called by his friends ) is producing for artist from New York city , Atlanta , , New Jersey , Bilbao , and more..New hot tunes will be released soon..

Stay tuned.



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About the Author

Euskalgrooves Beat Maker & Producer for media. Euskalgrooves has been learning music since 1999. Making and regrooving funk & soul tracks since 2011 for Funky Life Records,now he´s more focused on Hip Hop production like his introduction in to hip hop in the 90´s decade..He is already working on Funky Life Beats too. Beats & Grooves - Bilbao ( Basque Country ).