5 August, 2015 Euskalgrooves

Music Production

Music Production

Euskalgrooves is a music producer from Bilbao ( Basque Country ). Influences : Hip HopFunkSoulJazzBreaks.. Since 1999, he has been learning about music, production , mix & mastering. Now its actually working in Usa, more focused on Hip Hop Production.

Euskalgrooves - Music Producer - Hip Hop Beats & Grooves - Bilbao - Basque Country

Euskalgrooves worked for media ,shortfilms, & documentary too, recording original composition , recording foley , & mixing & mastering projects.

Some of the software used / Maked experiments :

Daws / Sequencers:

– FruitLoops, CoolEdit, SoundForge, Cubase, Ableton,Logic,Protools, Reason


– Universal Audio , Waves , Spl , Soundtoys, and hundreds of processors /effects

Hardware tested : Akai Mpc 1000 , Akai Apc 40, Ua Apollo Twin , Ua Apollo Quad, Uad 1  , Uad 2 – Satellite , Tc Finalizer , Mackie Control , Alesis Firewire, Steinberg Cmc Six, Dorrough 40a, M-Audio Keystation 88 , Revox b77 Mk2, and many more…

Euskalgrooves haves the experience to work in any project.

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About the Author

Euskalgrooves Beat Maker & Producer for media. Euskalgrooves has been learning music since 1999. Making and regrooving funk & soul tracks since 2011 for Funky Life Records,now he´s more focused on Hip Hop production like his introduction in to hip hop in the 90´s decade..He is already working on Funky Life Beats too. Beats & Grooves - Bilbao ( Basque Country ).