11 May, 2018 Euskalgrooves


Although, most of the people that follow me are in Souncloud, I wanted to comment something here.

2017 has not been a good year for me, I have suffered from several health problems that have altered my pace of life. Thanks to the doctors and nurses who have helped me. Thank you to my family for being by my side … It is priceless. During this time, I have continued to produce and mix but I have not had enough time to fulfill my word and get my ep “The Knockout” scheduled for 2017. My apologies, mostly because I like to keep my word and dates that are established.

I’m back…

This website was down for a long time, and it is already fixed. Website moved to another hosting provider. The new server works great & fast. Hope you will never feel the pain of the server lack again… 😉

I have a lot of new material to release, my new Ep “The Knockout” for Funky Life Beats, and a few singles and remixes for Funky Life Records, I hope everything goes well in 2018 and I can get works released out.

Stay tuned!

Thanks to my Listeners ! Health !

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Euskalgrooves Beat Maker & Producer for media. Euskalgrooves has been learning music since 1999. Making and regrooving funk & soul tracks since 2011 for Funky Life Records,now he´s more focused on Hip Hop production like his introduction in to hip hop in the 90´s decade..He is already working on Funky Life Beats too. Beats & Grooves - Bilbao ( Basque Country ).